The lesser known side of Indian politics.

Indian politics has always been looked down upon. By outsiders, international organisations and agencies, neighbouring or allied countries or even the people itself. We are always in the habit of complaining about corruption but never did anything about it. We always say that the politics of our nation is very dirty and don’t want our future generations to get into politics because of the so called dirty politics which would spoil their thinking as humans. Yes, it’s true that our nation is developing and has a lot of commotion going on at the moment. But this doesn’t have to result in the rotting of our administration. Corruption doesn’t have to start at all in a developing nation. the main problem in India is the gap between the people and the political parties. I think because of this India cannot qualify as a proper democracy it’s just as a namesake like north Korea it will too one day have to face a dictator and that day is not away. So what India is doing is that it tries to show the world it cares a lot for the people, there are a lot of welfare programmes and schemes being launched for the people’. But you cannot believe what real India looks like. Its poverty stricken streets and corrupt leaders exploiting the people. This is what the real India is like. Many leaders come and go making no change in the country. They raise the hopes of the people in them by making promises and amendments they will never fulfil or abide by. They change their colours as soon as they get the post or what we call in India- ‘the chair’. This has been going on since endless eras but now it has changed as a new phase begins in the history of Indian politics called the Aam Aadmi(common man), and the face behind it is a IIT graduate named Arvind Kejriwal. He has faced many challenges in moving totally away from his field, but he always overcame the obstacles.

India has always been a nation of corruption and the old way of governance never changes. The Aam Admi(common man)aims to change the old way of thinking but India is not ready to accept something new so kejriwal was off his seat. Once again because of his adamant desire to do something new and different he contested for the elections and won!



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