Unique ways to wear your scarf

So are you bored of the same old around the neck trend? Don’t worry cause these ideas totally blew up my mind and I’m sure it will blow up yours too.


  1. Find a scarf.
  2. Fold it in half, horizontally or vertically (your preference)
  3. Again, fold it in half.
  4. Now tie the two ends.
  5. There you have it! Open it up and it’s done.


  1. You might want to wear another skirt or a pair of shorts inside this one.
  2. Hold your scarf horizontally and catch one end and tuck it inside.
  3. Now take the other end and drape it around your waist once. You can drape it as many times as you want if the scarf is really long. But keep sufficient cloth left!
  4. Get the scarf back into the centerand twist it .
  5. You can twist it one more time for a more solid effect.
  6. Drape the rest of the scarf aroung and tuck it in wherever it ends.
  7. Tip- you can pin the pieces that you tuck in so that you will be assuredad not worried about it falling.




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