The uncommon story of a common man

This is a book reveiw about an awesome book called the dabbawalas of mumbai.Hope you enjoy!

The city of dreams,

The city of screams.

The city of riches and poor,

The city of accidents and cure.

The city which gives us wings to fly,

It is very popularly known as ‘AAMCHI MUMBAI’.

More dreams are realised than distinguished in this fast paced city. Here, in Mumbai anything is possible and the sky too seems nearer for us Mumbaikars. But we often forget that there is the hand of a common man to deliver our lunchboxes exactly at the clock’s ticks. The six sigma, highly complex and punctual- The dabbawallas of Mumbai!

The writer, Shobha Bondre, takes us on a journey all over Mumbai. This army of 500 men make sure that the hard working mumbaikars are served hot, home cooked food at time, come rain or shine. Their clockwork precision and incredibly low error rate has got the world to take note of these tiny cog of men. These men deliver 200,000 meals everyday from homes to offices within just three hours. This book highlights the journey of the dabbawallas from rags to respect. The hard work and punctuality of the dabbawallas truly inspires us, as this is the uncommon story of a common man it makes this book a must read.


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