Be You

If you always feel low,

And you think that you can’t be strong,

Well no!

You were always wrong!

Cause you failed to understand,

That you’re strong, beautiful, independent and all you never know,

You’re one of a kind,

Whatever others say, don’t mind,

Just do what you like and love what you do,

You’ll never fail,

You could be the best,

Go and beat the rest!

You have a beast inside,

You just need to let it out,

No one should know that you cried,

Go, give a knockout!

`You’re a champion,

Not afraid!

don’t wait for luck,

cause you’re prepared,

leave the world awestruck!

dedicate yourself and one day you’ll know how it feels,

to accomplish what you wanted,

It’s not a big deal!

So why be the next Newton?

When you can reach the sun,

Why be the next Beyoncé?

When you can make your own way,

Why be the next bill gates?

When you can lift your own weights!

And all this is true,

Now stop feeling blue,

You can go through,

Start your debut,

You can be a breakthrough,

you have a lot to do,

And don’t forget, always be you!


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