Do you know what goes on in your mind? Who controls you? Your emotions? Where do they come from? You must be wondering looking at a person what must be going on in their mind? Well, I could help you.

Once there was a girl called Anna. She was a happy and cheerful child. The only daughter of her parents she was given the utmost importance by both her parents. Here’s what it is like inside her head.

This is Joy. She is the one in charge of keeping Anna happy and saving all her memories.This is Disgust. She cares a lot for Anna. Like the first day of school, what should she wear so that she looks the best in her class. Did I tell you that disgust has a good dressing sense?Here, this if fear. He keeps Anna safe and cautious of all her surroundings. He makes sure that she never even have a scratch on her skin.And this is anger. He makes sure that Anna gets her angry at the right time and also never gets bullied.Lastly, we have sadness, who over cares for everyone and always over conscious.

So, one day Anna shifts to her new home. A totally new place. She didn’t know anyone there. All her friends were left behind. Her home, her friends and above all her room.

Anna- do we really need to go?

Mom- Honey, It’s important for mine as well as your father’s career. You’ll surely get new friends. And how about you start thinking how your new room and new school look like. I’m sure you are going to love it.

Joy- Alright, Anna is shifting. How would her room look like? I think it must be a candy house.

Sadness- Why? I think it is going to be all grey.

Anger- Of couse not! I think it would be all red with yellow and orange flames painted on the walls.

Disgust- Of course not! Anna is a girl. I think it should be purple and pink. With flowers and butterflies and fairies.Ahh.. it must be so cute.

Finally, Anna reaches her new home and it was exactly like sadness expected. Nobody was so happy.

Joy – It’s ok guys why don’t we look on the positive side of things!

Disgust- Nobody would ever want to live that way!

Days rolled by and Anna had got an admission in her new school. It was her first day today.

Dad- be a nice girl, I don’t want any complaints from your teachers.

Anna- fine dad.

Mom- remember to be kind and share.

Anna- ok mom

Mom and dad- have a great day Anna.

Joy- wait a minute guys guess what look at Anna’s new school.

Disgust- totally fab!

Anger- I love it!

Sadness- I thought it would be like the old school buildings brown and grey all over.

Teacher- Welcome students. I’m sure you are going to love this year. Full of fun and learning. Ok, before I move on let me let you know that we have a new student in our class. Anna would you like to introduce yourself to the class.

Joy- look her teacher asked to introduce herself.

Fear- Oh no, what is going to happen. Anna watch out.

Joy- it’s going to be fine move on Anna.

Anna- Hi, I’m Anna. I am from Texas. I have recently come here to California.

Fear- Anna people are looking at you. Stop!

Sadness- Oh she looks so left out. I’m not feeling good.

Child- look at her clothes.

Child2- Look how ugly she looks.

Child3- I don’t think she should be in High School.

(Anna starts crying)

Teacher- Stop Children! Anna please don’t cry I’m sure you are going to get friends soon.

School ends

Fear- I told you something bad was going to happen.

Sadness- She cried. Now she’ll feel better.

Joy- guys be positive

Disgust- Joy is right. People couldn’t see her inner beauty and started criticizing her clothes How rude

Anger- Wait now I have a plan. All those children are too rude for Anna. She will got back to Texas. She will feel better. She will get all her old memories she will be happy again.

Joy- How will she go? What about money? And wait I can make her happy without all these adventures.

Anger- NO! Now it’s done she is going. And I don’t want you to interfere.

Anna then doesn’t tell her mother about all this. She gets some money from her mother’s purse while she was away. She packs all her stuff in a bag and slowly slips out of her house.

Mom- Anna we are back dear where are you?

When there was no reply from her room her mother went upstairs to check. Anna wasn’t there.

Mom- Listen Anna is missing.


Mom – she is not there in her room I searched the whole house.

Dad –How can she just leave us and go? Let us tell the police about this.

Her parents keep searching for her throughout the town but Anna was nowhere to be seen

Anger- Yes mission accomplished!

Joy- Anger whatever you are doing is not right

Fear- Yes Joy is correct. Anna might get hurt or scared alone.

Sadness- Let me take charge.

Anger – what are you going to do anyways?

Sadness- Anna how are you going to make it alone at night all alone without letting your parents know you left them. Remember all the fun you had with your parents.

Sadness makes Anna realize what mistake was done by her. She rushes back home and tells everything what happened at school that day. What mistake she did. She was scared that her mom and dad would be mad at her but they weren’t. Anna understood that whatever the others are going to say is waste. Your family will love you no matter what you do. And always remember two things that there is no one like family. And the second, a decision taken in anger is always bad. Instead try to clam yourself down and think of a solution to your problem in place of increasing your trouble.

Thank you!

P.S.This is an adaptation of the disney movie inside out in another form. Only the characters are the same the story is different.


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