Top 10 songs to lift your mood



  1. Happy-Pharrell Williams19290563085c36b5d4f5a9cd9e31c4455dbbff6a
  2. Somebody to you- The Vampsand Demi Lovato1c20914697ed70a4798df36c8d45ba8d03587da8
  3. Marvin Gaye- Charlie Puth and Meghan Trainormarvin_gaye_by_charlie_puth
  4. What Makes You Beautiful- One directionone-direction-what-makes-you-beautiful-24383
  5. Best Song Ever- One Directionbest-song-ever
  6. Shake it Off- Taylor Swiftabbd2b1d4ba1b9747879dd574e446a3d
  7. 22-Taylor Swifttaylor_swift___22_by_allex21sannder-d5z1v6d
  8. Made in The USA-Demi Lovatodemi-lovato-made-in-the-usa-video
  9. Fight Song- Rachel Platten897edf5d63b3cba4cfc6f656aa8e168c-1000x1000x1
  10. Adrenalina-Wisin,Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin



6 thoughts on “Top 10 songs to lift your mood

  1. Saakshi says:

    Your Blog is Amazing!! Keep up your good work,Miss u so much!! Can’t wait to see you again!! Love you, keep blogging xoxo.


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